The main activity is agriculture. Marketing of fresh and processed agricultural products is achieved partly           through agritourism.


Vineyards are the heart of the farm.

I remember my childhood: in the spring terraces planted with vines crowned by white cherries. Cherries were planted on the edges of the terraces and in their shade people had meals at noon and slept in the shade of grapes.

Fruits and vegetables are grown on the farm by the principles of:

- Sustainable land management,

- Using all methods of pest management on scientific principles. The advantage is environmental protection.
- Integrated plant nutrition is used only to obtain optimum production.
Agricultural products are offered fresh or processed on the same place, the economy.

Gastronomic tour

 1: tour to the old house
2: dinner:
- welcome drink (brandy, liqueurs)
- appetizer: Soparnik of Poljica, ham, cheese,
- grilled meat, with the economy-produced wine, salads, potatoes, fruit, cake.



Grapes produced on the farm are processed into wine:

Varieties of white wine: Vugava, Maraština and Posip
Varieties of black wine: Okatac, Linčuša and Merlot
By distillation of pomace brandy and liqueur of chestnuts are produced.

Olive oil is cold processed, while some of the fruits (black olives) are preserved.

The other products are preserved tomatoes; onions are preserved in vinegar and potatoes in a trap.

The economy was mixed in the past, it dealt with agriculture and animal husbandry.

From that time comes the technology and processing techniques of meat dry salting. Salt gives a special flavor to the meat which is smoked in our own fireplace.

Since ancient times, the new wine has been tasted and evaluated with the anchovies.

The rest area (on the bike or pedestrian route)

 - welcome drink (brandy, nuts liqueur),
- sandwiches, Soparnik of Poljica, wine, fruit.